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Meet Loveland Dentist

Loveland, CO dentist, Dr. Andy Maples

Andy Maples, DDS

Dr. Maples earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Creighton University School of Dentistry. He received several awards while at Creighton including: The Inaugural Dr. Simpson Award for Excellence in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry, The Department of General Dentistry Award and The American Association of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Award.

Dr. Maples is a dedicated lifelong learner including studying at the Kois Center. He has completed numerous hours of continuing education and advanced dental study. Dr. Maples has been especially interested in continuing his study of implantology and other aesthetic restorative dentistry methods.

Dr. Maples grew up in Colorado, and he earned his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University. An avid outdoorsman and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Maples enjoys hiking fourteeners and competing in triathlons. Besides being outdoors, spending time with his wife Lauren and son Collin is what he enjoys doing the most.