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All-on-4 Dental Implants

Damaged and missing teeth can seriously harm your health and confidence.

All-on-4® implants are a widely popular option for restoring smiles and self-esteem.

Learn more about this advanced treatment offered by Dr. Andy Maples and the West Lake Dental team in Loveland, CO. 

What Are All-on-4 Implants?

Dental implants are metal posts that act as tooth roots, creating strong support to help replace missing or damaged teeth. All-on-4 is an advanced dental implant technique that can replace a full arch of teeth using just four implants. Your implant-supported denture will look and work just like natural teeth.

Some patients have suffered too much bone loss to receive traditional implants. A huge advantage of the All-on-4 technique is that it allows many of these patients to receive the dental implants they deserve.

The All-on-4 method utilizes acrylic and plastic for restorations. Our practice also offers a zirconia option that provides porcelain-like teeth with as few as five implants per full arch. Zirconia is growing in popularity for restorative dentistry because of its strength and durability. 

All-on-4 implants

Major Advantages of All-on-4 Implants

A Simpler Solution

Lost tissue in the jawbone prohibits many patients from receiving traditional implants unless they also undergo bone grafting. The All-on-4 method allows dentists to provide implants by utilizing remaining tissue without necessitating bone grafting. 

An Affordable Alternative

All-on-4 implants often cost less than traditional implant-supported dentures. This is because they require significantly fewer dental implants and avoid costly extra preparation procedures like bone grafting.

Swifter Service

The All-on-4 technique takes less time and requires less surgery than traditional methods. In addition to quicker procedures, with All-on-4 there is only one healing period instead of the typical two. This method provides a full smile faster since a temporary denture can be placed soon after surgery. 

All-on-4 Implant Pathway 

The dental implant process consists of several appointments and procedures. Time invested now pays off later since dental implants can last a lifetime.
Just four implants for a full tooth arch!
Just four implants for a full tooth arch!

Initial Evaluation

Your dentist will examine you to make sure you are a strong candidate for dental implant surgery. Dr. Maples will evaluate your teeth, gums, jawbone strength, and investigate any potential periodontal disease.

Implant Placement

Your dentist makes surgical incisions in your gums and places your chosen dental implants. We offer oral sedation and take great care to ensure that you will be relaxed and comfortable throughout surgery. 

Temporary Denture

Short-term dentures will be attached to your new implants. You will walk out of our Loveland dental office with a new and improved smile. With these dentures you will be able to eat and speak throughout your healing process while you wait for your final restorations. 

Bone Fusion

The next step is a healing process that may take as few as two months, or sometimes a full six. During this time bone growth occurs around the dental implant, allowing it to truly become a part of your mouth.

Final Restoration

Once the implants have fused with your jawbone, they will be ready to anchor your permanent denture. Your new dentures will look, work, and feel just like beautiful natural teeth. 

What Sets West Lake Dental Apart?

Intraoral camera on dental patient

Top-Notch Technology

We are proud to perform our operations with advanced dentistry technology. For example, our advanced cone beam system allows us to clearly view your jawbone and major surrounding structures. By doing so, we can place your implants with the precision All-on-4 implants require. Other dentistry equipment to aid your All-on-4 implants and supported restorations include digital X-rays and an intraoral camera. 

Dr. Maples

Commitment to Education

After finishing dental school, our dentist Andy Maples completed 200 hours of dental implant training with the legendary implant surgeon Dr. Carl E. Misch. Dr. Maples completes well over 100 hours of continuing dental education annually despite the state requirement being just 15. His commitment to staying at the cutting edge of dental care makes him the best dentist to apply your All-on-4 implants.

World-Class Treatment at West Lake Dental We turn Loveland locals into loyal patients


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Great staff, wonderful standard of care, all the latest technology. Dr. has a great hand with numbing injections, and the cosmetic quality of the work is top notch.... and I've had enough of both in my life to be a connoisseur at this point.

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If anyone can move the dentistry needle from drudgery to joy - it's the folks at West Lake Dental. Always smiling, always welcoming - always on time - and their office staff just take away all of the insurance guesswork. AND - my teeth are very happy.

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Allow All-on-4 Implants to Change Your Life

Our All-on-4 implant treatment has become a highly-sought after procedure in Loveland due to its ease and effectiveness when compared to traditional implants.

To take the first step towards the smile you deserve, schedule a consultation with us today by giving us a call or using our form

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Common Questions About All-on-4 Implants

It is natural to have questions when you are choosing to undergo a life changing treatment. Here are some of our answers that turn worried people into pleased patients right here in Loveland:

How long will my implants last?

In most cases your implants will last for life, providing a strong foundation for all future dental restorations. All-on-4 implants last as long as traditional implants, while typically costing less, allowing patients to better afford long-lasting restorations they may want or need.

Am I a good candidate?

Many patients who lack the bone density needed for a traditional implant-supported restoration qualify for the All-on-4 technique. This method requires less existing jaw strength than the traditional version. If you smoke, have diabetes, or have gum disease, these issues may need to be treated before you receive All-on-4 implants.

Is the procedure painful?

Surgeries and implants can sound scary, however there is no need to worry. Dr. Maples is highly skilled in providing oral conscious sedation. This method helps alleviate all-too-common dental anxiety and is highly preferred by many patients.

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Absolutely excellent care! I received full explanation and up to date options for treatment. Very personable and professional office. No doubt I’m in good hands. I am grateful!

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Dr. Andy is a great communicator and super efficient while delivering the desired result of health teeth and gums. Love the team in this office, polite, personable, and time conscious.

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Dr. Andy Maples of West Lake Dental

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