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Dental Bonding

Chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth can have a negative impact on your appearance and self-confidence.

Bonding is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that conceals these imperfections and brings balance to your smile.

Dr. Andy Maples has extensive training in cosmetic dentistry and offers dental bonding at West Lake Dental in Loveland, CO.

Find out why so many patients enhance their smile with this affordable cosmetic option.

How Does Bonding Work?

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Conditions Addressed by Bonding

There are several different reasons why patients may choose dental bonding. This dentistry procedure can address:

Dental Discoloration

Deep dental staining cannot be corrected with teeth whitening. In these cases, bonding is an excellent way to brighten the smile and eliminate discoloration.

Chips and Cracks

Whether you chipped a tooth in an accident or developed small craze lines in the enamel over time, dental bonding can cover these flaws and add symmetry.

Minor Misalignment

If the teeth are slightly overlapped or crooked, bonding can give the illusion of proper alignment. In fact, bonding is often referred to as "instant orthodontics".

Gapped Teeth

Small gaps can be addressed with a bonding procedure by closing the spaces between the teeth with bonding material. Patients with large gaps may need to consider orthodontics.

Learn more about this cosmetic dentistry treatment at our Loveland dental office...

Dental Bonding Treatment Process

Tooth Shade Selection

First, Dr. Maples will use a shade guide to select a color of composite resin that closely matches the shade of your natural teeth. This ensures seamless results.

Tooth Preparation

Next, the surface of the affected tooth is roughened with dental etch, a conditioning liquid. This allows the bonding material to adhere properly.

Application of Composite Resin

The tooth-colored composite resin is applied to the tooth surface. Your dentist shapes and molds the material to achieve the desired results.

Curing and Trimming

Next, the resin material is hardened with a special dental curing light. Once the material has cured, any excess resin is trimmed away.


Finally, the tooth is polished to a high shine. This helps ensure that the treated tooth blends in with the surrounding teeth for a natural-looking smile.

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I am always nervous about seeing a new dentist, however hands down I would recommend West Lake Dental to all of my family and friends. The staff and especially Dr. Andy Maples were very caring, knowledgeable, and took all the time I needed to explain what was happening. Gems like this can be hard to find, and I’m glad I found them!

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Timothy Hruby


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Andy and company were great. They really set you at ease and try to get to know you and provide you with all the information. You go over every approach and the pros and cons of each one, allowing you to make an accurate decision. Couldn't ask for a better team to take care of my teeth and mouth in general.

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