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Missing teeth can not only be embarrassing but impact your ability to eat and speak.

Dentures are prosthodontic devices that replace missing teeth along one or both arches.

Dr. Andy Maples in Loveland, CO, has extensive training to restore the function and appearance of your smile. 

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth that replace your missing natural teeth along one or both dental arches. Dentures are natural-looking and restore function to your bite so you can eat and speak properly once more. Your dentist can help you decide which type of dentures is right for you.
Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Also called complete dentures, full dentures replace all the missing teeth
along one or both arches.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fill the gaps in your smile by replacing several
missing teeth along an arch.

Traditional and Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are removable and rely on suction and denture adhesive to remain in place along your gums. This adhesive can be messy and your dentures can still slip out of place while you are eating and speaking. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

This type of denture relies on dental implants, which are titanium posts that are surgically placed directly in your jaw. The dentures secure to the implants for maximum stability along your gums, and are removable only by a dentist.

Dental Implant Benefits

Dental implants have oral health benefits, including:

Bone Health

When you are missing even a single tooth, the jawbone loses the stimulation the tooth root once provided, causing the bone to begin to deteriorate. Implants are the only restorative dentistry option that stops and prevents bone loss.

Maximum Stability

Your dentist will secure your dentures in place. There is no need to remove them except for routine exams and cleanings. No need for messy adhesive, and you can eat and speak with confidence knowing your dentures are secure.  

Prevent Sagging Facial Features

When bone loss occurs, it often leads to a sunken look due to sagging facial muscles. Implants prevent that bone loss to help maintain the muscles in your mouth and face.

A Closer Look at Implant-Supported Dentures 

Dental implants anchor dentures directly to the jaw.

Extensive Training for the Highest Level of Dental Care Call us today!

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Andy Maples prides himself on maintaining the highest level of training to benefit his patients. Last year alone, he completed over 150 hours of continuing education. This is over 130 hours more than the state of Colorado requires. Paired with state-of-the-art technology, you can rest assured that our dental practice can provide unparalleled care.

At West Lake Dental in Loveland, CO, our entire staff focuses on patient-centered care with the belief that you are more than just a mouth. Have dental anxiety? No worries! Our dental practice offers sedation options to keep you completely comfortable throughout the entire treatment. 

Call us or request an initial consultation using our online form today!

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"Dr. Maples and his staff have been amazing" Five-Star Reviews From Our Loveland Patients


Shanon Velcich


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Dr. Maples and his staff have been amazing. The atmosphere is comfortable and they take great care to make sure you understand your options and know what's going on throughout your dental procedure. Dr. Maples had a gentle hand and I appreciated how discomfort free my entire procedure was. Will definitely be getting all my dental work done at Westlake Dental! Highly recommend

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andy graham


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If anyone can move the dentistry needle from drudgery to joy - it's the folks at West Lake Dental. Always smiling, always welcoming - always on time - and their office staff just take away all of the insurance guesswork. AND - my teeth are very happy.

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Take a Look at Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. These dentures are crafted to look like your natural teeth, restoring the function of your bite so you can eat and speak properly once more. 

Affordable Financing Options

Here at our Loveland, CO, dentistry practice, we want dental care to be accessible to all of our patients. We offer payment plans and LendingClub to help finance the cost of your dental treatments, and we offer a 5% discount to those who are able to pay in full. 

Process for Dentures

The timeline for dentures will vary based on each patient's unique dental needs. 
The timeline for dentures will vary based on each patient's unique dental needs. 

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation at our Loveland dentistry office, Dr. Maples will examine your mouth and go over your oral health history. If you have health concerns such as uncontrolled diabetes, it is important to discuss this with your dentist at this appointment. Your dentist will then develop a treatment plan.

Preparatory Treatments

If you require a tooth extraction, periodontal treatment, or decide to move forward with dental implants, these procedures must be done first. Following these procedures, your mouth and gums will be given time to heal. Extractions may require a few weeks of healing time. Dental implants must fuse to the jawbone in a process called osseointegration, which can take several months. Healing time varies for each patient.


Once your mouth is healed, or if you do not require preparatory treatments, Dr. Maples will take impressions of your mouth. These are then sent to our trusted lab, where they will craft your custom set of dentures. Turn around time is three to four weeks.

Fitting and Adjustments

Once your dentures arrive at our office, you will have a few appointments to adjust your dentures to ensure a proper fit and function. If you experience any pain or discomfort with your new dentures, please let your dentist know immediately so he can make the needed adjustments. We want you to he completely comfortable and happy with your dentures!

"They are truly professionals" More Happy Patients


Emily Carbone


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West Lake is the best dental office I’ve been to by far! I’ve been going here for a few years now and every visit has been pleasant. The whole team is very friendly, professional, and helpful, and they make everything very easy. I also love the views of the lake from the exam rooms.

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Stan Barthlama


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I have been using Westlake Dental for a couple of years and have extremely pleased. They are truly professionals.

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