Achieve a More Uniform Smilewith Porcelain Veneers

If damaged or imperfect teeth are getting in the way of your most confident smile, there is an excellent solution. Dr. Andy Maples, your cosmetic dentist in Loveland, CO, is transforming smiles with porcelain veneers -- and the treatment is a great option for most adults. Learn more about the cosmetic solution today!

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin, tooth-shaped coverings that fit directly over the front surface of the teeth that show when you smile. Chipped, cracked, discolored, misshapen, or misaligned teeth can all be covered up with porcelain veneers. The treatment is completed in two to three visits to your dentist’s office, and veneers can last for many years with proper maintenance.

In some cases, veneers can eliminate the need for braces. Slight gaps or minor misalignments are corrected with the porcelain coverings. Another significant advantage is the fact that porcelain is highly resistant to stains compared to your natural tooth enamel -- you might think of them as permanent teeth whitening.

Procedure for Porcelain Veneers

The treatment for veneers is completed over two to three visits to West Lake Dental. In the first, you and your doctor will discuss your dental imperfections and what you would like to achieve with veneers. Once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for, your teeth are prepared and temporary veneers are placed. Dr. Maples sends your smile information -- including your treatment plan, x-rays, and impressions -- to the dental lab. Here, your veneers are manufactured and sent back to our office.

After one to two weeks, you return for their final placement. Loveland cosmetic dentist, Dr. Maples removes the temporary veneers and gives you the first preview of your new smile. Once you give your final approval, the permanent veneers are securely bonded onto the surface of your teeth.

Caring for your veneers requires excellent dental hygiene and the use of a mouthguard if you grind your teeth at night or play contact sports. Brush your teeth for two minutes, at least twice a day using a non-abrasive toothpaste. Floss gently, and visit your dentist for routine checkups to keep your veneers (and the teeth and gums under and around them) healthy and strong for years to come.

Multiple Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry helps your doctor reveal confident, beautiful smiles -- and dental veneers do so in just one treatment. When your teeth look their best, you feel better, you smile more, and your overall quality of life improves.

The many benefits of porcelain veneers include...

  • Multiple smile imperfections are improved with just one treatment.
  • The treatment for veneers is minimally-invasive.
  • Local anesthesia is available at each stage of the procedure for your total comfort.
  • Porcelain stays the same beautiful shade of white for years to come.

Most people who wish to transform their smiles are good candidates for dental veneers. Teeth and gums should be healthy before undergoing any elective procedure. A checkup and cleaning is necessary before veneers.

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